8 Things to Consider When Joining a Fitness Club

It’s not a secret. Deciding on which fitness club to join can be a stressful undertaking, especially if you are looking for the very first time. As the owner of a privately owned club, I get asked many of the same questions over and over again as potential clients decide what facility will best suit their needs. Not every club is the right fit for every person who is ready to improve or maintain their health. You really should consider your options once you’ve created your list of “need to haves” and “nice to haves”. Recognize that the needs and wants are different and what your goals truly are. Here are 8 questions that people ask or look for when shopping for a fitness club.

  1. Location, location, location! Your gym needs to be close or you will find excuses not to go. Most people join a club that is less than 10 minutes from their home.
  2. Hours of operation! We live busy lives. The gym needs to be open when you are available. Many facilities, like Fitness Force Keswick offer 24hour access.
  3. Variety of Equipment! It’s essential to change your workout regularly. That means you need options. A variety of machines, free weights and cardio equipment is what many people are looking for.
  4. Cleanliness! It’s a gym after all! We are often asked if the facility is professionally cleaned on a very regular basis. The answer is YES! It’s an ongoing challenge…we really wish everyone would change to indoor shoes!
  5. Price! Yes of course it does come up and you should consider it. However it should be more about value than bottom line price. Typically, you get what you pay for. A facility that has staff to support you and includes some extras will certainly cost a little bit more. It’s probably worth it.
  6. Personal Training! As so many people are just starting out they are looking for training and support. We offer an orientation with any new membership as our goal is get everyone started on the road to success. Most will need some direction. Make sure the trainers at your facility of choice are certified and knowledgeable.
  7. Cancellation Policy! Many people are unsure of their long term commitment. Sadly, some gyms have given the industry a bad reputation for enforcing unrealistic contracts and more. This isn’t necessarily true. Most gyms now offer monthly options that have no contract or time commitment. You should ask those questions.
  8. Free Trial! Yes, yes, yes. You should have the opportunity to try a new facility before having to pay any money or sign a contract of any sort. At the very least you should do a day pass to check it out for yourself. You are hopefully making a long term decision!

Typically about 14% of a population will join some sort of fitness facility. That means you are already ahead of the majority! Those 14 out of 100 people will decide between a typical fitness club, yoga studio, fitness programs and other programmed options.

What are your goals? Is it weight loss, improved fitness or are you training for something specific? Hopefully your fitness goal is intended to be long term….like forever! You should have an idea of your goal before shopping for a facility. How would you know what to look for otherwise?

Do you have the knowledge?  There are experts in the fitness industry who have studied exercise technique and nutrition. Those are the people who can help you reach your goal. If you haven’t got the knowledge yourself you should be sure that your chosen fitness place has certified trainers who do. You will need help.

I hope that this list of top inquiries will help you to choose the right fitness place for you. I know when I was first shopping for a fitness facility I made some wrong choices because I didn’t ask the right questions. I ended up with little or no results and frustrated. When I first walked in to Fitness Force in Keswick to consider joining I was unsure and scared. Fortunately there was a friendly face to greet me, promise that there were trainers to help me and lots of options for fitness classes and equipment. I could never have imagined then, that I would end up buying the gym just 2 years later! When it works, it works! For more information on that story, please click here.

What are the things you consider? Send me your feedback. And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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